Eko Music Italy, artist development and promotion

Eko music is a new independent label which carries out different activities: production, publishing, promotion, special projects (compilation, synchronizations sales, management - individually and in partnership (with other companies).
Eko is the name of the Greek muse whose singing has perpetuated beyond her life.
Eko music was founded by a former Marketing Manager at Warner Music, Luca Stante, and by a professional musician, Giuseppe Sindona.
Eko’s mission and aims are to act as develop, license, produce/publish and promote music, on a national and international level, throughout a mix of traditional and innovative marketing strategies, establishing itself for creativity and high professional skills. Eko music furnishes various marketing services such as press office, events, media plans, compilations too.
Eko, on top with the General Manager Luca Stante, acts as an exclusive consultant agency in Italy for different companies and sectors like Believe Digital (International online label, aggregator – working with iTunes etc. - and web marketing agency), the French Music Export (French governmental office in charge of exporting French music worldwide), Popkomm (international music trade fair in Germany) and MTV TRL in Italy (the most popular MTV programme which will be broadcasted next summer live from Siracusa in cooperation with Eko).

At present Eko’s catalogue includes a few selected national and international projects and genres: from pop, hip hop, dance and rock music to folk and traditional music. Among the most important releases, albums from the products Mario Venuti (one of the most popular Italian pop artists), Carlo Muratori (Carlo Muratori presents the best Italian traditional and folk melodies in a new and refined style), Sergio Matina (dance), Here Comes…El Son (music by Beatles played in a Cuban style), the compilations Made In Italy (which includes the most important Italian artists today and it’s the official Compilation of MEI). They have been successfully launched on the market achieving an excellent media effect (MTV, All Music, Radio Rai 2, Rockit.it, specialized and generic press).

In order to get competiveness and flexibility, Eko works in partnership and in team. So far, Eko has cooperated with such companies as BMG-Ricordi, Rai Trade, the distributors Edel, Self, Egea (physical) TIM, CDRai.it, Od2 (digital), iTunes (digital), various Universities, the City and the Provincial Board of Siracusa.

Luca Stante, one of the founders (formerly a Marketing Manager at Warner) is also Director for New Media and International relations at Audiocoop (association of Independent Italian Labels, organizing the Meeting of the Independent Labels, Faenza), and cooperates as a teacher with Universities, Master courses and other several educational organizations.